Sunday May 5th 7pm to 8 pm

Hope Yama Dojo (Upstairs) 336 Fort St. Hope BC


 Sound Healing Yoga

Join us for a Sound Healing Yoga with Yoga Instructor Kaitlyn Borek and Sound Healing Therapist June Garcia, joining together for a healing immersive experience that will have you feeling balanced, connected and refreshed.

Kaitlyn’s yoga classes are all about your personal journey to self and bringing calmness, relaxation, and flexibility to your mind, body, soul and spirit.

June’s purpose is to guide, teach, and help you to use sound to heal and connect with yourself.

In this session we will be focusing on being Present and mindful of what is happening in this moment since we often live our lives in the past and the future, stillness of thought and external stimuli, to fully observe the here and now, as at our core, we are Stillness and silence, unconditioned Consciousness. We will be guiding you to connect to that space, assisted by Yoga poses that support you combined with Sound Healing and guided affirmations at the end.

What to bring:
Yoga Mat

Cost $25 per person
Max 15 people.