A Sound Bath is an immersive full-body listening experience that triggers gentle yet powerful processes that nurture and balance your mind, body, and soul. While many people choose sound baths to reduce stress, they can be used for many purposes, including sleep induction, relaxation, creativity enhancement, and spiritual development.

Sound Bath group sessions with a group of friends, family, or loved ones, can be performed  at a location of your choice and using a variety of instruments and tools to create harmonious frequencies. Your group simply needs to lay down comfortably and listen deeply, with full presence. This experience will bring you closer together, and closer to your true selves.

Also, Sound Bath Group are offered at Hope Yama Dojo 336 Fort St. Hope BC.

Hypnotherapy and Sound Healing sessions are offered every Friday at 7 pm at Hope United Church 310 Queen St, Hope, BC.

Check the Event section for further details and to buy your tickets.
Cost: $25-$55
Group: 5 to 20 people.


These sound sessions are customized according to your specific needs and intentions, empowering you to heal your own mind, body, and soul. I will work with you in your own space, using different instruments to create therapeutic sounds.

Full body tuning using Tuning Forks
Cost: $80 per hour for a single person or $150 per hour for a couple.


Relax, unwind, and stay overnight at a calm, cozy suite in Hope, BC. You’ll get amazing views of the Fraser River and mountains, access to the beach, and a 90-minute sound healing session in your suite or outside if the weather allows it.

Cost: $240 per night with a 90-minute sound session

Unfortunately, this therapy is not suitable for individuals in their first trimester of pregnancy, people with pacemakers or other implants, or those suffering from serious heart conditions, acute mental health problems, or sound induced epilepsy. If you are not sure whether this treatment is right for you, please contact me before booking.